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Questions you should ask before selecting AC repair Dubai Company


Questions you should ask before selecting AC repair Dubai Company


Having an issue in the air conditioner unit can be one of the most bothersome things to come across for the homeowners in Dubai. A non-working AC leaves you with an uncomfortable home for an uncertain amount of time. You need to get time to get it repaired. When it happens to you during the peak summer season, you can’t wait for long to get your AC back in working condition. When your AC is not working properly, all you need is a reliable AC repair Dubai Company. All AC repair companies and technicians are not same, so it is essential to ask right questions while hiring a reliable AC repair technician. If you would like to know what you should ask for a contractor, you are at the right place. Here, we come up with some important questions you should ask while hiring a technician.

Do you have references of previous clients?

Unquestionably, AC is one of the most expensive equipments you buy to make your home even comfortable to live. Hiring an inexperienced technician can cause harm to your AC. This is the reason why it is recommended to talk to the existing customers of the company. People who have already used the services of a company can give you accurate information about the services based on their personal experience.

Do you offer an estimate for repair in writing?

Asking for a quote for AC repair is a good habit before going ahead. Usually, many technicians give a rough idea about the cost over call or through email. But, to get an accurate estimate, the technician diagnoses the issue very closely. On the basis of thorough inspection, they suggest an estimate that includes the cost of repair and price of spare parts. Make sure you get the price quote in written with all the details. It is a must to avoid anything unexpected.

Do you have a license and certificate?

A comprehensive background check is essential before hiring a company. Ask whether the contractor is licensed or not. To get the license, a contractor has to meet various criteria according to the state laws. A reliable company can surely provide you evidence to prove the legitimacy and consistency. If you notice that the contractor is not showing you sufficient proof in this regard, it is better to move to another option.

Do you insure services?

Have you ever thought what will you do if a technician gets hurt during the repair at your place? It can cause legal penalties and heavy compensation. Choosing an insured company can insure you from being held in such case. Insured companies take care of workers and deal with legal issue if a worker hurts because of any reason.

Do you offer any guarantee with an AC repair?

What will you do if your AC stops working just after the repair? Obviously, you feel cheated as even after paying money to the technician, you don’t get desired results. In order to avoid such disappointment, make sure the contractor offers a guarantee with AC repair services. Some companies offer guaranteed services and you can ask them to re-check the AC unit if something is not going well.

Do you have experienced and certified technicians?

The main reason behind the popularity of a company is the workforce. The company you would like to hire should have skilled and certified professionals. It is not sufficient to choose a licensed company, ask about the eligibility of the technician who visits you for AC repair Dubai. It is possible that a certified company sends a beginner to diagnose and fix the AC unit. Being a client, you are liable to ask about the certificates of the technician.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Not many companies offer such guarantee and services, but you can ask a contractor about the same. Some

    AC repair companies Dubai
may offer you this facility in some certain cases. When it is required to change any spare part of the AC, you can get the warranty offered by the manufacturer. If any contractor assures you about the guarantee or warrantee, ask him to give it in written.

How can I pay you?

As mentioned earlier, you must ask for a written estimate or price quote. But, don’t forget to ask about the payment methods. Some companies ask for advance payment while some others ask for the charge once the work is done. Be assured about the same to avoid any disappointment at the last moment.

Certainly, these are not the only questions that must to be asked while selecting a company. Clear all the doubts you have in your mind. Don’t hesitate as it is your right as a customer and skipping this step can leave you with disappointment and stress. So, next time you hire an AC repair company , ask at least these questions.

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