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AC Maintenance Palm Jumeirah

AC Maintenance Palm Jumeirah

ac maintenance Dubai

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air-conditioning-maintenanceAir Condition Maintenance

Ac Repair Dubai a leading Dubai home maintenance company, managed by professionals. We provide a comprehensive range of home maintenance and repair services to customers throughout Dubai. We offer both one-time maintenance assistance and annual packages at competitive prices. Our maintenance and technical services include:

Proper maintenance is critical in ensuring that your central air conditioner will operate efficiently and have a long service life. You can do some of the simple maintenance yourself, but you may also want to have a competent service contractor do a periodic inspection of your unit. The best time to service a central air conditioner is just prior to the cooling season.

  •    Clean the air filters at least once each season. A dirty air filter reduces airflow and, in some cases, this could cause damage to the room air conditioner.
  •   Keep the condenser clean and free of leaves and other debris.
  •   Clean condensate drain holes or tubes that become blocked.
  •   If the unit's performance seems to have deteriorated, have it serviced. A small loss of refrigerant can cause a significant drop in efficiency. It is important to have leaks fixed and that the refrigerant be recycled when service is performed. Otherwise, if it is released into the atmosphere, it damages the ozone layer and acts as a greenhouse gas.

air-conditioning-company-dubai Air Conditioning in Palm Jumeirah

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Meet the home comfort advisors that you can rely on for all of your cooling and air quality services. Our service begins with getting to know you and your home so that we can help you to select the right systems for your family and your space. Once you are feeling confident that you have made an informed decision, our certified service technicians and installers get you set up and ready to go.At a pre-scheduled time of your convenience, our Home Depot consultant will come to your home and review your systems’ operating efficiency with you for a designated fee. To optimize the results of your maintenance appointment, they will consider many factors such as the age of your system, how well it’s currently working, its repair history, whether you have family members with allergies, whether there are any lingering odours in the home etc.Ac repairing in Dubai

air-con-installation-dubaiAC Installation Palm Jumeirah

AC installation Dubai Our installation professional here at Palm Jumeirah will complete thorough assessments of your systems. Once the work is executed, our installer will meet with you to discuss any questions that you may have relating to how best to maintain the peak operating performance of your systems. They will review the work completed and ensure your satisfaction with the completed service.

Our professionals are always work with dedication and with a vision of permanent solution to the problem given. Irrespective of time and the hard work they need to spend on a particular issue our team is always ready to address that. So, dont compromise even with minor issues of your AC.

Please call us on +971 506587312 for assistance with all your maintenance work and annual maintenance contracts.

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